Job offers

  • Multicultural environment
  • Smart ideas
  • Friendly people
  • Flexibility
  • Powerful team
  • Great career growth opportunities

We are a group of motivated professionals from different nationalities very excited about our project. If you like the look of what we are doing and are considering applying to join us, you probably should. Please send us an email to You will develop a professional career and grow with our company. If you are a driver, please, fill in this form.


Senior Ruby and CoffeeScript Developers

Love Ruby? Love great code? Think that CoffeeScript is awesome because your time is more important than syntax? We want to hear from you!

Our product and development team is based out of our offices in Madrid, Spain. We're always looking for talented individuals with a passion for creating awesome products without the need for managers or bosses looking over their shoulder.

Some of technologies we use include:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • CoffeeScript
  • Backbone.js
  • Node.js
  • Rubymotion (iOS)
  • CouchDB and Redis
  • ZeroMQ
  • Go

Interested in joining our great team and helps us create a product that our users love? Please send us an email to


City Entrepreneurial Owner (aka CEO)

Where: Monterrey, Guadalajara and Medellín. This is an entrepreneurial position. As such, you will need drive, leadership and talent. You will be the leader of your market, building your own team. We will help you with our best practices and support, but you will have the ultimate decision power in your area. You will be responsible to make Cabify successful in your city, developing and growing your business. You should expect a roller coaster ride as you create a business that is going to disrupt your local transportation system. It will be fun.

What we are looking for

An entrepreneur that makes things happen. A local knowledge of the market is a must. You also have strong marketing skills, are capable of identifying and reaching new users and extending a premium product to the masses. You will coordinate marketing, customer service, driver relations, operations control, social media, lawyers and PR in your region. This is a sample of what you will do:

  • Hire a marketing and a driver relations manager
  • Launch your local Cabify with our support
  • Create local marketing strategies
  • Manage local regulatory concerns and local politics
  • Ensure successful partnership with Cabify drivers
  • Represent Cabify at local events and with local press
  • Coordinate product development and improvements with product team
  • Share your best practices

You will need to balance growth with service availability, creativity with analytic skills. Ultimately you will be responsible for operational excellence and ensuring a great quality of service throughout the rider’s experience. You don’t need to have an MBA, but we are looking for someone with (at least) that level of experience. Founders will be reviewing every application.


This is a demanding full-time position. We are a well-funded company that offers market salaries based on your experience along with an equity compensation plan.


Please send us an email to


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