My journeys

  • How can I get an estimated price?

    You can get an estimation before your journey quickly and easily on the web or in the apps.

    On the web:

    • Log in.
    • Click "Order a Cabify".
    • Enter your pick up point and destination.
    • Choose the vehicle type and date if you want to estimate a reservation.
    • The price will be shown on the "Estimated price" field.

    In the apps:

    • Open Cabify app.
    • Choose your pick up point, vehicle type and date if you want to estimate a reservation.
    • Press 'Order Cabify' blue button.
    • Choose your destination.
    • A pop-up shows the estimated price.
  • Can the price change?

    Our prices are fixed from point to point, so there are no changes related to journey duration or traffic conditions. The price may vary if you request to stop during the journey, change your destination or if the included waiting time is exceeded.

  • Do the rates change during the night, at weekends or on holidays?

    No, our rates remain the same all throughout the week. Occasionally we may alter prices for special dates such as Christmas or New Years Eve. We notify users in advance if there is a price change for any occasion.

  • Is the estimated price per journey or per passenger?

    The estimated price is always for the journey, no matter how many passengers take the journey.

  • Do the rates include taxes?

    Yes, all our rates include taxes.

  • Why does Cabify charge different from A to B and from B to A?

    Our prices are fixed from point to point. Our system calculates the distance of the optimal route between two points. Sometimes, the optimal route from A to B is different than the route from B to A, so the distance may vary and consequently the price may change slightly.

  • Can I take my pet with me in Cabify?

    Sure! So long as your pet is kept in a pet carrier/container whilst on the journey they can come along on all your Cabify rides.

  • Can I make stops during the journey?

    Of course, just ask it to the driver and they will stop wherever you want. The final price may vary depending on these stops and how long they take.

  • Can I pay with cash?

    We accept secure payment methods such as credit cards (Visa, Amex, Master Card) or Paypal. For convenience and security we don't accept cash payments and there's no need to carry cash with you on your journeys.

  • How can I modify a reservation?

    At the moment it's not possible to modify an existing reservation. If you want to make a change, simply cancel your current reservation and make a new one with the updated details. Please, check the cancel conditions.

  • How do I cancel a journey or reservation?

    You can cancel a journey or reservation on the web or in the apps.

    If your driver is on the way:

    • In the app, press on the question mark at the right top and then 'Cancel journey'.

    • On the web, select the journey and press 'Cancel'.

    If you want to cancel a reservation:

    • In the app, open the menu, go to 'Active reservations' and select the reservation you want to cancel. Once there, press 'Cancel reservation'.

    • On the web, select the journey under 'Active journeys' and press 'Cancel'.

  • How many suitcases can I take with me in a Cabify?

    Our cars should fit 2 large suitcases and 2 smaller (carry-on) suitcase for all vehicle types. In regions where the Cabify Group service is available you should be able to take up to 6 large suitcases.

  • Can I transport boxes in a Cabify?

    Yes, whilst Cabify is a transport service for passengers, you may transport boxes if they are well packed and do not exceed the available trunk space.

  • Can the driver wait for me at the airport with a sign?

    Sure. Simply add a message when you order your Cabify including the text you would like on the sign.

  • Can I rent a Cabify by the hour?

    Yes, contact us and we'll send you our hourly/daily rates.